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“A Matter of Nourishment” is a project based on nutrition and chemistry: two areas intrinsically connected. A practical and comprehensive approach to food, nutrition and the science behind it. After years soaked up in chemistry, always keeping a hand in a laboratory, feet in the kitchen, an eye on nutrition texts and breathing in a yoga class, this project is here to be the place where you won’t find all the solutions but the instruments to support your healthy choices. Things in life take time and effort, but sometimes we just have to look for the right professional help. Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be a long troubled way, especially in our modern world where you can just go online and find at least 10 different opinions about anything. At the same time is easy to find loads of information and difficult to pick the right one. But there is something wrong because being healthy and taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be that much difficult. I believe in an approach that considers the whole body and nutrition together with chemistry, medicine and holistic therapies.

This comprehensive approach will be based on nutrition consultations online and face to face. Nutrition, chemistry, food, cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes. Check out the website and the social media channels to learn more about us. In the meantime, a little preview of what to expect:


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