Valentine’s day menu

Staying healthy during festive days can be a challenge. But it’s possible. I have decided to create a simple three course menu that can be used for a special dinner and share it just before Valentine’s day. This menu is a good example of a balanced meal, in which you pair healthy ingredients and cooking techniques with a special dinner: ’cause healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless. Healthy, easy to cook (ideal even for someone who doesn’t usually cook), able to make everybody happy and budget friendly. Most of the things can be prepared in advance, considering that is on a weekday, and leftovers will make a nice lunch to go for the next day (if you will have any!). I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day, but it’s a good excuse to bake something heart-shaped or cook a special homemade dinner to take a break from a busy life. The ingredients are mostly seasonal and there is a spicy leitmotiv associated with each course. I thought that was nice to include a drink as well, a margarita-inspired non-alcoholic avocado cocktail, something unusual that pairs well with the potato croquettes.

Valentine’s day menu – recipes:

Avocado drink and spicy potato croquettes
Roasted beetroot soup
Dark chocolate bites and orange cream


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