But…what do you eat in a day?

If you had the chance to check my social media pages, you know already a little bit about myself and what I usually eat. What you see there is real food from my kitchen and I hope that sharing those pretty pictures will inspire many of you in taking the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. We all need a little bit of extra motivation from time to time, right?

Well, I have decided to put together this blog post because quite often I get questions from my clients about my diet or what I eat – it’s difficult to talk about a “typical day” because I like to change and I get a lot of inspiration from my weekly grocery shopping. Sometimes, I have to adapt my meals to the daily schedule or I have to put together something nice when there are just a few things left in the pantry – that’s life! But no matter what, there is always a “healthy but tasty” leitmotiv within my days.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions around a healthy lifestyle.. like thinking that healthy food is tasteless, that being healthy means just eating boring salads, that paying attention to your health and well-being means having a lot of restrictions and limitations. Nope, you can choose a healthy lifestyle and eat tasty, delicious food that looks good and also makes you feel great.


I usually start my day with a few glasses of water, followed by a cup of green tea or herbal tea – in this case, the day started with 2 glasses of water and a cup of fresh ginger tea. Then, yoga practice and breakfast with a porridge made with oats, water, cacao powder, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, tahini, and a kiwi.


Mid-morning snack:

Changing your snacking habits is one of those really useful steps to stay healthy every day. We often tend to overeat with snacks thinking that is fine because the main meal was just a salad – especially when we are stressed or busy, it’s easy to keep snacking and don’t realize what you’re actually putting in your mouth (and how much), because you don’t see it all together on a plate. I know that because I have done it myself for years! But let’s go back to my day: the snack was a pretty pink smoothie with a peach, strawberries, almonds, milled flaxseeds, and water.



A nice salad with marinated mushrooms, radishes, and green beans. I had approx. a double portion of the salad that you see in the picture. This was paired with a spicy frittata and a piece of what in Italy would be called “schiacciata” – it’s basically a flatbread with some olive oil and herbs on top. That day I was patiently waiting for some bread dough to rise, so I just took a small piece of that (after approx. 5/6 hours of rising) and used it for the flatbread. It was made just with whole grain spelt flour.


Mid-afternoon snack:

It was a busy day, so I had a first snack with coffee and a few almonds – then, another snack after a long evening walk (about 9 km): a couple of energy balls that I have made a few days before with mixed seeds, rice flakes, dates, and lemon juice.



A quick one with cucumber, tomatoes, a little bit of feta, fresh basil, olive oil and black pepper. Oh, and a tiny piece of the same flatbread that I had for lunch. I also had a herbal tea during the evening before bedtime.