Pink Crepes with Green Sauce and Tempeh

Tasty pink crepes made with chickpea flour and beetroots, filled with a green sauce and marinated tempeh. A nice mix of nutrients, that it’s also gluten and dairy free.

I generally use chickpea flour a lot, I like how it’s versatile and has always been by my side in the busiest times to ensure that my meals were packed with nutrients.

Chickpeas are high in fibre and proteins – they have both soluble and insoluble fibre. This makes them a good ingredient not just for maintaining a healthy digestive system, but also to keep under control the levels of cholesterol and sugar in the bloodstream. They are especially rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6. This composition makes chickpeas a great addition to the diet to help the body fighting stress.


Pink Crepes with Green Sauce and Tempeh

150 g chickpea flour, water
fennel seeds, a pinch of black pepper

1 medium-sized beetroot, water

100 g tempeh
2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1/3 tsp turmeric powder
a pinch of black pepper
1/3 tsp ginger powder
juice of 1/2 lime (or lemon)

1 avocado
1 medium-sized courgette (or 1 small head of broccoli)
juice of 1 lime (or lemon)
a pinch of salt
a pinch of cayenne pepper

To make the batter: in a medium-sized bowl, mix the flour and the spices (crushed fennel seeds and black pepper) and the beetroot that has been blended with a minimum amount of water. Mix well and add enough water to get a batter similar to one for pancakes. Let it rest for 5-10 min. Stir until there are no lumps. Add more liquid if needed. Heat a frying pan, preferably a non-stick one, on a medium heat with ½ tsp of ghee or olive oil. Use 3 tbsp for each crepe, moving the pan until the batter is evenly distributed. Cook each crepe until it can be easily flipped with a spatula.


To make the marinated tempeh: mix spices, olive oil, and lime juice with the chopped tempeh. Mix well with a spoon (ideally with your hands, but they will turn yellow!). Let it rest for 15 min. in the fridge. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for approx. 15 minutes or until it starts to turn slightly golden brown.

To make the green sauce: blend all the ingredients into a smooth paste (add a little bit of water if necessary, but remember that the final result should be a quite thick sauce. You can roast the courgettes or broccoli in a pre-heated oven at 180°C or cook them in a pan just for a few minutes – then wait until they are cold to blend your cooked greens together with the other ingredients.

Fill each crepe with a generous amount of green sauce and some baked tempeh. You can pair them with a simple salad or just eat them as they are.


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