A look into my shopping bag: breakfast and snack time

Healthy eating sometimes seems confusing and complicated. But, trust me, it’s not! There are loads of new brands and products popping up in the stores, a lot of suggestion on blogs or newspapers… and way too many things labelled as “healthy”. I love to stay updated, when possible, with new brands or products, especially I like to know and try products/brands that are local or organic or with an attention to sustainability.

From a general point of view, I can say that my grocery shopping is always done with a pinch of salt!

Since I have received a few questions on social media about my favourite products and it’s always something that I talk about with my clients, here there’s a blog post about them (I will write about this topic again). This one is focused on products mostly related to breakfast and snack time – I have included the ones that I buy more often and I generally find in most of the shops for my weekly grocery shopping. But there are so many other lovely brands that are my choice for a once in a while treat – (just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post).

Granola, porridge and smoothie essentials

My pantry is always well-stocked with ingredients to make a healthy breakfast or snack. When I don’t have time to put together a proper granola, I will go for toasted oats or a simple porridge or chia seeds pudding topped with fresh fruit, seeds, nut butter, and spices. Being able to start my day with the right nutrients and spending a few minutes for taking care of myself is an essential part of my days.

Moving to Ireland, Flahavan’s or Ballybrado oats have become a staple of my pantry. One of my favourite brands of dried fruit is Crazy Jack – they don’t’ have additives and they are rich in flavour compared to other similar products. I sometimes get dried fruit in Temple Bar Food Market from The Good Crop Company – great also for their selection of seeds, nuts, honey, polenta flour, and sundried tomatoes. When I don’t have the chance to make my own plant-based drinks, my favourite options are Rude Health (especially hazelnuts, almond, cashew) and Oatly (oat drink). They both have a limited list of ingredients and they taste well in porridge, smoothies, or coffee.

Tahini is another staple in my kitchen, I usually go for homemade or Meridian. Same for nut butter, even if I sometimes like to try new brands. Regarding Chia seeds, I will generally go for Chia Bia or The Chia Collective. While I’ll choose Linwoods for milled flaxseeds (especially plain, or with bio cultures and vitamin D, or with nuts and coenzyme Q10), hemp seeds (both shelled and hemp protein) – I have generally found their range rich in flavour and quality. Nua Naturals hemp seeds and protein are pretty good too.

True Natural Goodness is my to go choice for cacao powder (but also for cacao nibs and butter), wheatgrass powder and turmeric – these are the products that I have tried so far from this brand. Iswari and Nua Naturals are my most common choices for spirulina powder. Sonnentor is the brand that I generally choose for spices.

Tea, coffee, and chocolate

I have found that Heath & Heather makes a big herbal tea package (50 tea bags with no additional packages) and I especially love their fennel tea. I mostly go for loose leaf tea or herbal tea, since I don’t like to have additional packaging (Down to Earth in Dublin city centre has a great selection of loose leaf products), but I will be honest – I love the Pukka tea range, especially the three-something options (three tulsi, cinnamon, ginger, fennel), so sometimes I’ll go for them.

My biggest source of loose leaf tea remains always a cute little shop in Bologna (StregaTe), I will pack in my luggage loads of their teas when I go there, or I will find a way to ask a friend to bring me some! Their selection is just incredible, paired with knowledgeable people and a unique attention to detail. I’m not talking further about tea because it will require a stand-alone post!

Coffee: I don’t usually buy the same brand since in my home we like to taste new blends – we try always to choose fair-trade options. Recently, we have been lucky enough to find the grounded coffee from Alce Nero, that tastes great. As an alternative to coffee, Barley Cup is the most widely available and a good option to keep in hand. Chocolate: depending on the availability, on my top choices there are Alce Nero and Vivani – also Bean and Goose for a once in a while treat.


Yogurt and Milk

As an alternative to homemade yogurt, I find great the one from Mossfield (cow), Velvet Cloud (sheep), Bergerie (goat), CoYo (coconut). I’ll also generally go for Mossfield for organic milk.

So, these are the most common products that you can find in my pantry for breakfast and snack time, keep watching for additional posts about my favourite goodies!

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