7 steps to slow down

(read in Italian)

Self-study online course – a simple, effective, and enjoyable approach to SLOW DOWN and be more PRESENT

Nowadays, we are used to constantly be in a rush to get things done quickly and in a perfect ideal way. Being busy is starting to be the most common reply to “how are you?” and your productivity is lately becoming a way to measure your worth. What if you could simply stop and start to BE MORE PRESENT? What about start seeing things from a different perspective, one rooted in love, kindness, gratitude, and nourishment?


From a general point of view, recognising the need to slow down and allowing myself to do it has been many times one of the most powerful choices I could ever take. It helped me on several occasions, for example⠀

* ditching perfectionism⠀
* dealing with negative criticism and self-judgment⠀
* learning how to manage better anxiety and panic attacks⠀
* having a better relationship with my boyfriend⠀
* being a better boss for myself⠀
* prioritising self-care⠀
* not feeling guilty when taking time off⠀
* not feeling guilty for listening to my body

That’s why I want to help you in putting this idea of SLOWING DOWN into practice! This new online self-study course is all about learning to slow down in the different areas of your life – a simple, effective, and enjoyable approach to help you to stop, reflect, decide, and take action AT YOUR OWN PACE.

I work with many clients who live a stressful and busy life, who often forget the importance of self-care and tend to multitask all the time, even when it’s not necessary. THAT’S WHY I DECIDED TO:

  • organise this course with a structure that requires YOUR ATTENTION: you need to stop, read all the guided mindset work and, once you’ll feel ready, put my advice into practice
  • include only WRITTEN CONTENT: I guide you step by step through all the exercises and reflections but I wanted to allow you to go back to a kind of content that helps you to slow down
  • include 2 main SELF-REFLECTION exercises: one will help you to clear your mind before getting started, while the other one is a helpful tool to ensure you have are leaving with a good understanding of the things discussed during this course
  • create and include 3 recipes with specific learning objectives to help you feel that REAL CONNECTION between the mindset work and your everyday life
  • allow yourself to DECIDE how long it will take you to complete the course

When we start to be more PRESENT, many things suddenly become much more clear and easier to overcome…

When you cook, eat, pack your lunch for the office, decide what to prepare for dinner, go for grocery shopping… really BE THERE. Connect with your food – really taste, smell, savour and appreciate it.

Learn how to bring more AWARENESS into your everyday life with this simple 7-step online course


It’s really easy: once you sign up, you’ll get access to all the content of the course and you’ll be ready to get started! I suggest you do the things step by step and allow yourself to truly connected with yourself through each part of the course but the real timeframe is completely up to you.


  • a much clear idea of what “being more intuitive” means to you
  • the chance to let your intuition become a real part of your life
  • the opportunity to work on your relationship with food and self-care
  • a new perspective on self-care and daily rituals
  • the chance to create a positive call to change (as long as a change is needed)
  • a new, bright, and shiny motivation to include in the foreseeable future what makes you HAPPY and what is rooted in SELF-LOVE
  • a deeper connection (and understanding) with your own body, its needs, and your relationship with food
  • the guidelines on how to turn the time spent cooking and eating into a moving meditation
  • the guidance you need to take a step back and see things from a different perspective
  • 3 new recipes to help you work on what we say during the course
  • 2 main self-reflections exercises: one will help you to clear your mind before getting started, while the other one is a helpful tool to ensure you have are leaving with a good understanding of the things discussed during this course
  • written content that will be available to use anytime you want


I have organised this course into 7 simple steps but the thing I really want you to understand is the importance of putting these things into practice AT YOUR OWN PACE. There’s no need to rush and remember… it’s not about getting everything done in a perfect or ideal way, it’s all about finding WHAT WORKS WELL FOR YOU!


  • food (shopping/cooking)
  • eating
  • self-care
  • staying active
  • daily routines


  • an introduction
  • plenty of practical tips
  • a “how to get started” sub-section
  • a self-reflection exercise


After completion of all of the guided mindset work suggested in the course and with all the included content in hand, you will have the right instruments to change the way you cook, eat, and think about self-care rituals in the everyday life. I want to be sure you can get access to them so now you can grab this at the SPECIAL PRICE OF € 75

Are you ready to get started? Just click on the button below and follow the instructions:


Some questions you may have:

  • WHERE IS THE COURSE AVAILABLE? The course is available both in English and Italian online everywhere (with the only exclusion for residents in America and Canada)
  • DO I HAVE ACCESS AT THE COURSE AFTER COMPLETION? Yes, you have unlimited access to the content of the course
  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COMPLETE THE COURSE? The timeframe is completely up to you: I’ve divided the course into 7 steps, you can decide to go through 1 section each day for 7 days or opt for spending more time on some of them
  • PLEASE NOTE: this is not a diet plan and it would not include a detailed study of your nutritional/medical history. If you are looking for a completely personalised coaching program, click HERE
  • Find the detailed Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions for “A Matter of Nourishment” HERE