Change Your Diet, Change your Life – application

How does a busy life affect your diet and lifestyle?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? For example, think about your FOOD CHOICES, APPETITE, CRAVINGS. But also think about your SLEEP pattern, DIGESTION, ENERGY, MOOD, SKIN, MOTIVATION, EXERCISE schedule.

If you don’t like the things as they are now, it’s time to change
Gain more energy. Feel great. Help your body dealing with stressful and busy times.

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It’s time to understand from a first-hand experience that a good diet can actually make a real difference in your life! Sometimes happens to feel stuck, too busy, running around all the time and ending up forgetting about yourself. I’ve been doing the same, repeating the same mistakes day after day. But then I have decided to take action and believe that I was able to change what I didn’t like about my lifestyle. Together we will find your own way to a healthier life, step by step.


I have always been the kind of person who puts all her energy and focus on what she does and I truly don’t think that this will ever change. But I have learned how to manage it better and how to take care of myself since I have seen on myself how much is difficult to stop before burning out.

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There was a time in which I had no idea of how much powerful simple choices can be

Like paying attention to what you put on your table, going for a walk instead of working or studying for 8 hours straight, booking a relaxing massage instead of passively waiting that the stressful period will finish. But then I have decided that I wasn’t happy with that kind of lifestyle and it was the right time for a change.


We are more focused on the big final outcome: a fit body for Summer, a detox after the holidays’ season, losing 10 kg in a month to look like that lady on tv, etc. Until we don’t reach a big turning point, one in which we are broken, lost, and with no idea of what to do to feel better.

We don’t talk enough about loving OURSELVES or taking care of our WELL-BEING or looking at our health in terms of PREVENTION. We just think about fixing problems when they are already badly affecting our lives.

Let’s have a look backwards together: I had a childhood full of mysterious skin and digestive issues, that nobody ever tried to relate to my diet – and even if I was doing it by myself, who would pay attention to a child who says “I think that this is the problem”…? But then you grow up and the issues mix with a busy schedule, life changes, and stress. And one day you are sitting in a room with a doctor saying that you are too stressed and your body reacted to this. You may think that this was my turning point: well, a kind of. Quite soon the college started and I finally had my own kitchen.

I have started cooking and reading more, staying active, being into chemistry all day every single day: I was not just starting a new chapter of my life, but I was also setting the foundations for a new mindset. It still took me a while to completely switch to a different lifestyle but after a few years of small changes, big victories, and rewarding results… I think that my turning point was meeting someone (my current boyfriend) who had a real disease affecting his life (diabetes type 1) and was at the same time able to enjoy every day with a positive mindset and was motivated in taking care of himself. He allowed me to see things from a different point of view. It was a sense of gratitude, positivity, and self-care that was completely new to me.

With eyes wide open, I have taken all my knowledge in chemistry, my cooking skills, and my will for learning to make me feel better on a daily basis.


So, at my turning point… what I have done? I have started working on my diet from the roots: cooking from scratch, looking for the right nutrients, trying to figure out which were my body needs and how to listen to my body. I have slowly learned how to put my well-being into my priorities by improving my lifestyle: a good diet, nourishing meals, daily rituals, exercise, yoga, and a massage from time to time. Obviously, it required a massive effort and took me a while to see some results.

But all the process was so REWARDING!

I have seen my body and mind changing, as long as I was discovering how much is important to take care of ourselves (with my ups and downs, obviously). I have tried and failed, and tried again, WITHOUT LOOKING BACK. My food choices changed and I have been able to build enough confidence in myself and my well-being to say a clear “no” to what I didn’t think was a good choice.

I have learned that is useless to put restrictions and limitations if you don’t change your mindset: it’s not easy doing all of this by yourself, but when you start to feel great, you find a completely new strength, and when you are motivated by a deep sense of self-love, your life is completely turned upside down.


Have you ever stopped to think about HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, and how this affects your daily life?

I want you to…

  • be inspired
  • feel motivated
  • be able to build new habits
  • be focused on what really matters for you
  • start creating lifelong healthy habits
  • see your health and well-being as priorities
  • find again time for yourself
  • be able to enjoy your food
  • cook tasty healthy meals
  • take the most out of your meals
  • be organised with grocery shopping and meal prep
  • be able to choose what is best for you
  • know what to do and how to do it
  • consider starting a daily routine
  • be healthier and happier
  • be ready to discover a new you


Well, then I might have the answer for you…

If you’d like to get my help in setting up solid foundations for your healthier lifestyle, something that will become part of your life from now on… there is a thing that you can do: I invite you to consider my nutrition coaching program

Change your diet, change your life

90-day 1:1 nutrition coaching program


  • constant support, guidance, and motivation
  • better connection with your body
  • more attention to your body needs
  • increased sense of well-being
  • better knowledge and awareness around nutrition: starting from the chemistry behind food to cooking
  • a clear idea of your goals and what stops you
  • increased energy and focus
  • better mood and sleeping habits
  • more clarity
  • increased confidence with your body and food choices
  • a new perspective of food  (= support for your health and well-being)
  • learn how the right nutrients can help you dealing with a busy life
  • learn how to find again time for yourself and your well-being

I truly see chemistry as a powerful and versatile instrument to make a difference in the world, and being interested in nutrition is just another way of talking about it. And I want to show you how it works, what’s the science behind food, how you can improve your daily life with a few simple steps – like having a better knowledge and awareness around nutrition. I see the human body as a whole great system, full of potentiality – using science and a holistic approach, working together for one common goal: your health and well-being.

“Nice consultation with Chiara. She explains in details about your diet and this helped me to understand a few things that I was doing wrong in mine, as I’m struggling to lose weight and cut the sweet stuff. Well recommended.” Claudia- yoga teacher



I’m here to help you to build a healthier relationship with food and to show you that your own way to unlock a healthier and happier lifestyle is just behind the corner. If you are struggling with emotional eating, weight loss, anxiety, or stress having the right knowledge, support and motivation can make the difference in your everyday life. You just need to be ready to take the first step.

“I have just completed the first 2 months of a nutrition plan with Chiara. From our first meeting, Chiara started to give me the right motivation to stay on track and I found this really helpful since I have failed many times with diets. You can clearly understand the influence of a scientific background in her approach. I have already noticed positive differences in my diet and myself! I would highly recommend her.” Marta – office worker

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1) INITIAL CONSULTATION (2 hours): a first in-depth meeting with analysis of your consultation form and a 3-day food diary. During your initial consultation, you will have the chance to talk with me about your eating habits, lifestyle, and medical history. The starting point of our chat will be a simple form that I will send to you before our meeting and a food diary that I will ask you to bring along. We will go through an analysis of your food diary, exercise, sleep, cooking habits, and all the things that can eventually affect your well-being. Each consultation will be tailored to your individual needs.

2) A WRITTEN REPORT of the first consultation with all the details to get you started.

3) A 1-HOUR CONSULTATION every 4 weeks (= 3 follow-up). It’s your chance to open up, talk honestly about how the things are going, so together we will be able to adapt the strategy to your needs.

4) UNLIMITED SUPPORT via email in between consultations (reply within 24 hours, unless otherwise stated). It’s useful to have the chance to ask questions as soon as you get them and don’t have to wait until the next consultation. It’s all about getting the most out of these months in which we are working together.

5) FOOD DIARY CHECK-IN: an extra support to help you to stay on track.

6) SHOPPING LIST SUPPORT: learn about labels, nutritional information, and new ingredients. Start paying more attention to your food choices, optimise your time to save money and take the best decisions quickly.

7) PERSONALISED ADVICE: each program will be tailored to your individual needs. You will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and find your own way to a healthier you.

8) SMART GOAL STRATEGY: a specific goal has a greater chance of being accomplished. We will re-think your goals and I will help you to see them more clearly.

9) WRITTEN RECIPES: I truly believe that it’s useless getting a lot of information about nutrition without any practical tips on how to make them part of your everyday life. This is what you need to be sure that you stay on track and you really enjoy your journey. There are still a lot of misconceptions around a healthy lifestyle.. such as thinking that healthy food is tasteless, that being healthy means just eating boring salads, that paying attention to your health and well-being means having a lot of restrictions and limitations. Nope, you can choose a healthy lifestyle and eat tasty, delicious food that looks good and also makes you feel great.


I only work with a small group of people at a time because I want to ensure that you will get the best support within the next 3 months, so I can only offer a limited amount of places on this program and I want you to have one of them.


Honestly, with the unlimited 1:1 support you will receive while you change your diet and change your life, This program is valued well over €1000 – but – I want to make sure that nothing stops you from working alongside me to make the changes you NEED to make in your life so you can grab this for ONLY €497, payment plans are also available to make it even easier for you to grab this opportunity.

If you live in Dublin or close by, we can arrange the consultations at my studio in the city centre. Otherwise, we can arrange online consultations.


WHAT I’D LIKE FOR YOU, is that you won’t have to do this journey all by yourself and you will get instead the right support, knowledge, and motivation to help you in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. I can’t wait to share with you not just information about nutrients, but also recipes and cooking tips that will help you to turn your daily life into a healthier one, step by step.

When you change your diet working on the roots of the problems and changing your mindset, you can truly change your life.

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If what you have read here resonates with you and you’d like to sign-up for this program, just click on the button below to arrange your first consultation.
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