Self-care Challenge

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Would you like to challenge yourself for one week along with me to understand that you can take good care of yourself every day no matter what?

Unfortunately, the first thing that we tend to throw in a corner in our modern busy lifestyle is self-care. You keep running around, trying to fit as much as you can into only 24 hours, and you keep postponing to do something for yourself. Until you reach the burnout, a turning point, something that will make you understand that you have forgotten to take care of yourself for too long… and the only two questions that you have in mind are “how was that possible? What can I do now to sort out this situation?”.

I know that feeling very well! I have always been the kind of person who puts all her energy and focus on what she does and I truly don’t think that this will ever change. But I have learned how to manage it better and how to take care of myself since I have seen on myself how much is difficult to stop before burning out. I have learned how not to forget about myself even on the busiest days. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that my life is perfect! I still have my ups and downs, but my approach is different. I have understood that what really matters are not the big ideas, such as booking a holiday in 6 months because “I feel like I need a break…”, what I’m relying on are a bunch of SIMPLE DAILY CHOICES that help me to create a support system for both myself and my well-being.

Many people tend to associate taking care of themselves with being selfish, but it’s not true… it can actually be a support not just for yourself but for the people around you as well. When you feel great, when have a good relationship with yourself, and take care of your body, mind, and emotions… that’s the time in which you can easily DO THE BEST YOU CAN EVERY DAY.


Would you like to learn how to create this daily support system? Would you like to start putting into practice that you can take care of yourself no matter how your day looks like?

Would you like to challenge yourself for one week along with me to understand that simple daily choices can truly make the difference in your life?

Yep, we will do this challenge TOGETHER! Every day I will share at least one choice that I have taken to show myself some LOVE – I’d like to inspire as many of you by showing what I am doing for myself in my real life.

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  1. The challenge it’s FREE, will last for 7 days (starting on the 8th of March) and will happen on Instagram (check the privacy of your account, to be sure that if you are sharing a post it will be public, so you will be able to show them to me and to the other people taking part in the challenge)
  2. SIGN UP for the challenge using the form below
  3. A couple of days before we get started, I will send you some guidelines and extra tips that will help you through these 7 days
  4. During the week, I will share on Instagram every day my own self-care choices and I invite you to do the same: tag me @amatterofnourishment in your pics and use the hashtag #selfcareboost
  5. I will pick every day some of your posts to give a comment about them and also to give you the chance to get inspired by each other
  6. Your self-care choices can be either food or lifestyle-related
  7. At the end of the week, I will do a Q&A that will give you the chance to talk with me about any question or issue that came up during the challenge