Snack Challenge

(read in Italian)

Would you like to challenge yourself for one week along with me to learn more about snacks, get more confident about this topic that sometimes can be a tricky one, and to see your choices from a different point of view?

I often hear from clients that they are:
* bored of choosing just raw fruit/veggies as snack
* feeling confused about what they should include in their snacks
* avoiding snacks to stay away from unhealthy options
* overeating during the main meals

I have also looked backwards at my journey and snacks have been a great
tool that helped me to:
* increase my daily intake of nutrients
* get more confidence with my food choices
* build a healthier relationship with food
* get more creative and organised with my meals
* get an extra help from the right nutrients

So, I have decided to put together this 7-day challenge for you!

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Would you like to learn that you can easily take food choices that are good for you and don’t add extra stress into your days?

Would you like to challenge yourself for one week along with me to understand that simple daily choices can truly make the difference in your life?

Yep, we will do this challenge TOGETHER! Every day I will share at least one of my snack choices – I’d like to inspire as many of you by showing what I am doing for myself in my real life.

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  1. The challenge is FREE, will last for 7 days (starting on the 1st of September) and will happen on Instagram – you’ll receive extra content by email if you decide to sign up
  2. During the week, I will share on Instagram every day my own snack choices and I invite you to do the same: tag me @amatterofnourishment in your pics and use the hashtag #nourishmentchallenge
  3. I will pick some of your posts to give a comment about them and also to give you the chance to get inspired by each other
  4. I will share with you some videos on Instagram and, at the end of the week, I will do a Q&A that will give you the chance to talk with me about any question or issue that came up during the challenge
  5. SIGN UP for the challenge using the button below