Greta, self-employed

Chiara is very professional and friendly at the same time. She provides excellent explanations and she’s able to find a way to strongly motivate and guide you with a down-to-earth approach in changing your habits to achieve a general state of well-being. Even a 3-month journey helps you to focus on the main issues, to see excellent results, and to reach small goals step by step. Chiara suggests you personalised strategies that you can easily add into your lifestyle. It’s an instructive and inspiring journey! And don’t forget the delicious recipes! Thank you!


Jimena, student

I started attending Chiara’s consultations three months ago. I was complaining about symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, sweet cravings, and painful PMS. During the first month, Chiara helped me to include new types of foods in my daily diet as well as to achieve a balance in my meals. Cravings, anxiety, and insomnia diminished significantly. The second month, I learned how to listen to my body and give it what it needed; this helped me to restore my relationship with food. Towards the end of the treatment, Chiara suggested me a sample of meal combinations, which I tried and felt really good and satisfied. I need to address that Chiara and I were in touch within the three months at least once a week via email and her replies were always super helpful and with a logical explanation, about everything including recipes. Within these three months Chiara taught me how with a proper combination of different foods depending on the needs of my body, I can achieve a better lifestyle.

Marta, office worker

I have just completed the first 2 months of a nutrition plan with Chiara. From our first meeting, Chiara started to give me the right motivation to stay on track and I found this really helpful since I have failed many times with diets. You can clearly understand the influence of a scientific background in her approach. I have already noticed positive differences in my diet and myself! I would highly recommend her.

Claudia, yoga teacher

Nice consultation with Chiara. She explains in details about your diet and this helped me to understand a few things that I was doing wrong in mine, as I’m struggling to lose weight and cut the sweet stuff.
Well recommended.

Daniela, student

Very competent and professional. I contacted Chiara for suggestions and explanations. The received suggestions have been excellent and they helped me with my diet. Thank you so much..!