Tommaso, holistic therapist and yoga teacher

Since I have been living in Ireland, before meeting Chiara, I used to have a very irregular diet. My job didn’t help me as I work as massage therapist and yoga teacher and my timetable is so unpredictable. Even If I don’t eat meat since 2003 and I try to eat healthy food, I was very bad at managing my time to nourish myself, in buying quality food, etc. So, I’ve lost some kilos here in the Green Island and after one year eating in that way, I ended up with very low iron levels.

I’m in the holistic lifestyle since 2003 and I was struggling with my diet for the last few years. I tried different approach but no one could really help me and satisfy me. So, even if my budget wasn’t at the best, I decided to invest my money, my time and my energy in the interesting programme Chiara proposed me. I wanted to finally have a good knowledge about food, digestion, and cooking; because I wanted to solve some little digestive issues and I wanted to be more aware about everything related to “taking care of yourself with food”, but also because I wanted to be more “holistic” and be a little aid for the people who follow me.

When I’ve started this programme, my aim was to have more knowledge and awareness about healthy food, digestion, cooking and how to put into practice this knowledge taking care of myself in the way I deserve it. Love myself more.

The best result achieved during this programme is the change of approach to my whole life: if you really take care of yourself as you deserve it, all the rest will follow. I stopped worrying about money, if I need something, I just buy it, the money will come. But it’s not only a matter of money, it’s a matter of how you love yourself.

Not only I’ve changed my approach to food, cooking, and shopping but I’ve changed the approach to my whole life itself. I stopped to be worried about the lack of money and decided to invest in myself buying the food my precious body deserves. And eventually, the money arrived! I discovered new recipes, I now can appreciate the food I considered “banned” from my table like bread, cheese, pasta. I wasn’t used to have breakfast as my stomach was “closed” in the morning, now I can’t stay without my breakfast! I have the tools to continue this path by myself and I am still discovering new amazing things.

Chiara was really helpful and kind supporting me. She has plenty of knowledge and she is generous in sharing it. She doesn’t judge you and she is always ready to listen what you want to share. She tailors her approach to you, giving the right tips related to your personality and your goal. I have to say that after three months when the programme finished, I felt an empty space since I was used to be so in contact with her! But she granted me support also after the end of the programme, so it’s not a real void!

The things that I’ve found more useful about this programme are the sharing of her biology knowledge and all the numberless tips about different kinds of food (brands, shops, websites, videos, recipes, new kinds of food).

Even if my life is still messy (working as sole trader in my field is not easy at all and it’s really hard to plan even your day, you could imagine the week or the month), I have a regular breakfast that I really love, I have the ability to improvise a good meal when I can’t prepare it properly and I know how to “repair” when I eat less healthily.
Now I am healthier, I have more energy, I’ve gained one kilo (I needed it), I am more relaxed in general, I feel happier when I have to prepare a meal and I am very curious to try and discover new kinds of food.

I would absolutely recommend this programme! Because it’s more than a programme, it’s more than nutrition, it’s a journey with yourself, in yourself, to yourself, through yourself.