Write Your Way Into Wellness

*** I’m currently changing the structure of this program – it will be available from the 30th of November 2018. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this online program, available in English and Italian ***

learn how to stay focused on yourself and your well-being in 7 steps using simple and powerful writing tools

I have created this online program with 7 simple steps to guide you to be more grateful, positive, and focused on what you have – let me support you to recognise which can be your weakness and strength points, but also to start improving your connection with your body. Learn how to use simple writing exercises to help you find the right motivation for your journey toward a healthier lifestyle! I can’t wait to share with you these simple tools that you can use anytime and fit into your mornings or evenings no matter what because I know how much is important in our modern busy schedule to have something that brings back your focus on WHAT REALLY MATTERS.


…Keep your mind open and allow changes to happen to get the best results!

I know that sometimes this can be the BIGGEST CHALLENGE! You probably feel the same, too.

I remember thinking about food diaries, journals, or positive affirmations as something boring and, honestly, a waste of time. But they have been part of my life since I have decided to give them a go! Once you get confident with them, they will be available for you anytime. Within this program, I’d like to guide you to understand the main thing that I didn’t know when I started using these writing tools: you need to allow the things to happen, to change, to flow in… and believe that you can have a better control of your diet and lifestyle!

If you feel like you need a simple, practical, and interesting way to get started on your journey and you like the idea of a short program full of content that GETS YOU TO THE POINT… stop searching, this is what you have been looking for:


7-day online program

DURING THIS PROGRAM we will talk about all the things that you can write down to help you stay more focused and connected with your body – we will also include what can help you to make your first steps toward a healthier lifestyle much EASIER for you. For example:
* food diary – with a particular focus on how you feel in relation to the food that you choose to eat and why you are making some decision over others
* emotional eating food diary – to help you to see your cravings and choices from a different point of view
* daily check-in with yourself – focusing on gratitude, intentions, and speaking to yourself honestly in a non-judgemental way

You will have my guidance to move the first steps into this “writing for wellness” world, a private Facebook group in which you can share your doubts or questions, downloadables, video training, and Q&A sessions with me.



  • a deeper understanding of your own body, its needs, and your relationship with food
  • the chance to step back and look at your habits from a different perspective
  • a renovated focus on all the positive things in your daily life (sometimes we get so overwhelmed that is not so easy to see them and feel grateful)
  • the chance to start looking differently at all the healthy lifestyle-related things
  • daily homework tasks delivered via the Facebook group to keep you on track
  • practical tips and examples to get you started
  • live group coaching calls with me to answer all your questions and help you discover what changes you need to make with your new found information


  • how to keep a food diary in a way that will be really useful for you to create a better connection with your body and not looking at what you eat in a guilty or judgemental way
  • how can be powerful writing down a few lines when you are busy or under pressure (yes, exactly when you think that you can’t stop for a minute to take care of yourself)
  • how much is important to stay focused on what really matters to you –> and you will be surprised by what you will learn about your habits and lifestyle by doing these simple exercises
  • that all these (little) writing exercises aren’t a waste of time or something boring –> be ready to find out how much they are actually interesting!

It’s time for you to start having a better control of your diet and lifestyle:

choose to love yourself
choose to take good care of your health and well-being
choose to feel AMAZING

Are you who you want to be- (54)

Are you ready to get started?

The program runs over 7 days.

*** I’m currently changing the structure of this program – it will be available from the 1st of September 2018. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this online program, available in English and Italian ***

EARLY BIRD price €79

Some questions that you may have:

WILL I NEED TO COMMIT TO THE PROGRAM EVERY DAY DURING ITS DURATION? Ideally, yes – even a short time every day to check in will be useful. But you can also catch up with the program’s material at your own time.

WILL I STILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE GROUP AFTER THE 7 DAYS? Yes, this allows you to keep having access to me and to the questions or interesting stuff that the other people in the group may want to share.

WILL I HAVE TO DO SOME HOMEWORK EVERY DAY? Day by day, I will suggest you something to do or to focus on – in this way, you can check in with me through the private group for any questions or doubts as soon as they come up. It’s easier to understand what we talk about if after the training you have a little exercise to get practical.

WHERE IS THE PROGRAM AVAILABLE? The program is available both in English and Italian online everywhere (with the only exclusion for residents in America and Canada).

DO I NEED SOMETHING TO GET STARTED? Sign up for the program, grab a notebook, and a pen – that’s it!

QUESTIONS? Contact me HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible!