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What is food made of? What happens while cooking? What does food provide to the body? Chemistry is involved not only in the composition of food, but it’s also behind processes such as cooking or storage, metabolic reactions or vitamin absorption, just to name a few. Food has a high chemical complexity that influences all the consequent desired or undesired reactions that may occur. Such a highly complex system might be difficult to break down for a useful everyday purpose. That’s where I come in. Looking at food, nutrition and the science behind it: that’s a practical and comprehensive approach to food, compounds that can be useful for the body, dietary advice, and cooking. I constantly try to relate chemistry and nutrition, searching for the right answer to any doubt with a scientific point of view. I always believed that chemistry is a powerful and versatile instrument to make a difference in the world, and being interested in nutrition is just another way of talking about chemistry.

During the years, I gained an in-depth knowledge of chemistry and nutrition. Also, I have always been passionate about cooking from scratch, recipe development, and healthy eating. The nature of my degree course has prepared me to be versatile in every chemistry-related area, such as nutrition, biochemistry and food chemistry. I always try to keep myself updated with newly published studies, testing new ingredients while cooking, getting the influence of different cultures and getting to know as much as possible about local products and producers, seasonality and sustainability.

Things in life take time and effort, but sometimes we just have to look for the right professional help. Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be a long-troubled way, especially in our modern world where you can just go online and find at least 10 different opinions about anything. At the same time is easy to find loads of information and difficult to pick the right one. But there is something wrong because being healthy and taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be that much difficult. I believe in an approach that considers the whole body and nutrition together with chemistry, medicine, and holistic therapies.

I would like to provide the same approach not just to individuals with consultations tailored to their needs, but also to food businesses and people interested in corporate talks: whether you want to improve the nutritional content of an existing menu or you want help in designing new ideas or you want to make changes related to seasonal, sustainable and healthy alternatives, you will be able to provide to your costumers nutritious and tasty food.

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