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Food photography and styling

I believe that a good image in food photography needs to be a celebration of food and something that grabs the attention of your audience by making them feel part of the story. To inquire about working with me or to request a quote, please contact me HERE

Recipe and content creation

I help food and wellness businesses, chefs and bloggers to find their voice online creating together content that reflects their ethos and leaves always the most important role to the food we want to showcase. To inquire about working with me or to request a quote, please contact me HERE

What you put on your table is way more than a bunch of calories: food is tradition, culture, joy, flavours, stories, passion, and nourishment. Food is about how you share it with, where it comes from, and it’s something to be enjoyed.

Hi, I’m Chiara!

Food, Stories and Science: if I had to summarise my business with just a few words, I would definitely pick these ones. I am a food photographer & stylist, recipe & content creator and food coach. I apply to my business the same approach that I have in my everyday life: being more intuitive about food, enjoying it, and becoming more aware of what you eat can easily be part of your days, and can be a true celebration of great tasty food.

I have a background in chemistry, nutrition, marketing and massage, but I also had the chance to collaborate for a few years with a photographer, I’ve learned to cook from scratch experimenting in my kitchen and I practice yoga. After a few years working in research, I’ve decided to turn my passions and studies into one unique project about food, science and stories.

What My Clients Are Saying

Chiara is the best of the best! She’s super professional, quick, effective and creative! I’m so grateful to have her guidance and creative support with my brand!Kim, wellness coach

Not only I’ve changed my approach to food, cooking, and shopping but I’ve changed the approach to my whole life itself.Tommaso, yoga teacher


How does it work?

1:1 food coaching consultations will be available soon (online, English/Italian). For food photography, recipe development and content creation, find all the details HERE (I’m based in Dublin, Ireland).


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