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Hi, I’m Chiara! I use Food, Stories and Science to help you change your perspective about food, one meal at a time.

Tortilla chips served with smoked trout, cheese and trout caviar on a blue plate. Recipe development, food photography and styling by Chiara Gianelli.


How I can help you

Burger on a pink background. Food photography and styling services in Ireland.

Food photography and styling

If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, imagine what GREAT pictures could say about your business.

Ramen noodles on a yellow background. Recipe development and content creation services in Ireland.

Recipe development and content creation

Find your voice online with content that speaks to your ideal audience.

Food coaching consultations.

Social media strategy and management

A strategic approach for your business, not just pretty content.

Meet Chiara



point of view, thanks to my studies, experience and skills.


approach, not just pretty content.


content and approach, because I get the time to know you.


that’s why most of my clients work with me long-term and keep coming back.

Chiara Gianelli - food photographer, food stylist, digital content creator, recipe developer, social media expert and food coach


  • I help food and wellness businesses, chefs and bloggers to find their voice online creating together content that reflects their ethos and leaves always the most important role to the food, product or service we want to showcase.
  • As a food coach, I guide people who are confused about food, cooking and nutrition to find a simple and realistic way to create their own stories around food.

Each piece of content I create includes:

  • Love for food
  • Science
  • Marketing
  • Attention to sustainability & seasonality
  • Knowledge of food and wellness industries
  • Up-to-date insights into the Irish food industry


“Effective and creative”

Chiara is the best of the best! She’s super professional, quick, effective and creative! I’m so grateful to have her guidance and creative support with my brand! Kim

“Wonderful, positive approach”

I cooked her Lentil and Carrot Dal last night – my first lentil experience I have to say and it was YUM. And there’s more… my little boy Sean aged 8 ate carrots for the first time last night!!! Nope not just ate, gobbled. Thank You, Chiara. Finola

“Quick turnaround time”

Quick turnaround time and really understood my rather brief, brief. Great job thanks, Chiara! Will keep in touch. Thank you! Emma


It’s time to try a new recipe

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    Want to step up your homemade burger game without having to compromise on fluffy bread? This recipe is for you. These delicious soft cocoa burgers buns will easily become one of your favourite baking projects.
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    (read in English) Ottima anche se mangiata così com’è, questa focaccia vegana alla zucca è morbidissima e, grazie al suo sapore dolce che ricorda un po’ la frutta secca, potrebbe facilmente diventare una delle tue ricette preferite! Una fetta diContinue reading “Focaccia morbida alla zucca”
  • Soft pumpkin focaccia
    Delicious even when eaten on its own, this soft vegan pumpkin focaccia has a sweet finish and a pillowy texture, that may help this preparation to easily become one of your favourite recipes!