Photography Portfolio

I am a food photographer and stylist based in Dublin, Ireland. Most of my work is done remotely so we can work together even if you are not based in Dublin or in Ireland. Over the last few years, I have worked on hundreds of photos of food and cooked with countless kg of flour, veggies and delicious Irish ingredients.

Food photography and styling. Tortilla chips with Irish trout, whipped goat cheese and trout caviar.
Tortilla chips with trout
Cadbury hot chocolate on a kitchen counter
Hot chocolate for Cadbury
Homemade pasta with cocoa powder. Small homemade ravioli with crispy sage and butter. Food photography and styling Chiara Gianelli.
Pumpkin ravioli
Close up homemade alkaline noodles with matcha powder.
Alkaline noodles with matcha
Thai-inspired beef salad. Fresh mixed greens, Irish beef, peanuts, shallots, mint and lime on two plates - pink background. Recipe development, food photography and styling by Chiara Gianelli.
Beef salad
Vegetarian burger with homemade bread, vegan patty, melted cheese and apples. Yellow background and fairy lights.
Veggie burger
Recipe development for a mocha smoothie. Two glasses with the smoothie; coffee beans and blueberries used as a decoration.
Mocha smoothie
Stack of buttermilk pancakes served with honey, fresh strawberries, rasberries and cherries - pink background. Recipe development, food photography and styling.
Buttermilk pancakes
Homemade alkaline noodles with Irish flour. Food photography on a yellow background.
Ramen noodles
Irish wagyu burger with mustard, sauerkraut, slices of coppa, buffalo mozzarella. Served with homemade bread. Food photography with pink background.
Irish Wagyu burger
Salad with Irish strawberries, buffalo mozzarella, slices of coppa and mixed green leaves. Served with maple syrup and bread. Food photography and styling by Chiara Gianelli.
Salad with buffalo mozzarella
Christmas table with a classic Irish festive dinner created for Eatto. Dark background, Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Food styling and photography by Chiara Gianelli.
Christmas table for
Breakfast table with various bowls and plates filled with yogurt, granola, and fresh berries
Breakfast table for Artizan Food Co.
Cocoa pancakes served with yogurt, fresh strawberries and honey on a blue plate.
Chocolate pancakes
Cheese toastie with marmalade. Blue background. Recipe development and food photography for social media.
Toastie with marmalade
Focaccia, close-up. Uncooked focaccia to show the different steps of the recipe.
Focaccia, close-up
Vegetarian pasta sauce recipe: sauce made with beans, tomatoes, and cheese. Homemade pasta in a pan.
Vegetarian pasta sauce
Christmas table with a classic Irish festive dinner created for Eatto. Dark background, Christmas decorations and fairy lights. Food styling and photography by Chiara Gianelli.
Christmas dinner for
French toast with fresh strawberries and raspberries, butter and maple syrup. Recipe development, food photography and styling by Chiara Gianelli.
French toast
Almond croissants food photography.
Selection of appetizers. Focaccia, artichokes, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, salami and mixed nuts. Glasses with water kefir. Food photography and food styling by Chiara Gianelli.
Product photography for Cadbury Delights
Product photography for Cadbury
Homemade pasta. Tagliatelle with saffron.
Fresh pasta
Ingredients for a green smoothie stacked up in a glass. Created for Eatto products.
Smoothie for
Smooth beetroot hummus with pistachios.
Beetroot hummus
This vegetarian sandwich has a lovely combination of most of the typical Summer flavours and it gets all the extra points for being super easy to make! Featuring seasonal ingredients such as tomatoes, red peppers, aubergines, and a good handful of fresh thyme, it perfectly embraces my philosophy of "get the most out of each season". You can also easily adapt this sandwich to your needs using, for example, some gluten-free bread or a dairy-free mozzarella. Recipe on
Summer sandwich
Focaccia with sage, close-up. Recipe development and photo by Chiara Gianelli.
Focaccia, close-up
Hands holding a croissant.
Almond croissant
Cadbury Christmas range in a festive setting
Christmas content for Cadbury
Homemade focaccia bread cut into small pieces. White plate on a pink photography background.
Focaccia with rosemary
Sandwich with homemade wholegrain bread, hummus and mixed veggies. Hands holding two pieces of sandwich.
Vegan sandwich
French toast, close-up. Slices of bread served with fresh strawberries and butter. Drizzle of maple syrup.
French toast, close-up
Sweet potato soup in a small bowl with the key ingredients (ginger, red chillies, coriander and sweet potato) in the background.
Sweet potato soup for
French toast with strawberries and honey.
French toast