Homemade cocoa tagliatelle

Fresh pasta is a labour of love and great pasta needs practice: these homemade cocoa tagliatelle are a wonderful way to step up your pasta game pairing a very basic shape with cocoa powder and its characteristic flavours and colour. Delicious when served with melted cheese and spices, this fresh pasta with cocoa will definitely surprise you with its special taste.

Come preparare i panini per burger soffici tipo pan brioche

Se ti piacciono i burger serviti in un panino bello morbido tipo pan brioche, con questa ricetta potrai imparare a fare questo pane in casa: avrai tutti i consigli del caso a tua disposizione per semplificare la preparazione e, allo stesso tempo, potrai anche scoprire qualche curiosità scientifica sul ruolo che rivestono i vari ingredienti!

How to make soft brioche burger buns

If you love a burger wrapped in a soft pillowy brioche-style bun, here you can finally learn how to make this kind of bread at home and, at the same time, you’ll get some proper insights on the reasons why each ingredient plays a key role in this simple recipe!

Ricotta pancakes

Easy ricotta pancakes. Recipe for fluffy and delicious pancakes with lemon zest, ginger, and wholegrain flour. A simple preparation made with wholegrain flour. Brief explanation about the chemistry (and food chemistry) behind fluffy pancakes.

How to make the best homemade hummus

Learn how to make hummus and my best tips to get it perfectly smooth and creamy