Ricotta pancakes

Easy ricotta pancakes. Recipe for fluffy and delicious pancakes with lemon zest, ginger, and wholegrain flour. A simple preparation made with wholegrain flour. Brief explanation about the chemistry (and food chemistry) behind fluffy pancakes.

5 idee per cucinare con il cibo avanzato

Semplici strategie per ridurre lo spreco di cibo ed abbracciare uno stile di vita zero waste. 5 ricette preparate con gli avanzi. Proposte vegetariane per stimolare la creatività in cucina e ridurre gli sprechi. Vivere green in modo semplice.

L’arte del French Toast: ricetta e consigli

Ricetta e consigli per preparare un ottimo French toast

Granola all’arancia

(read in English) Anni fa, una delle prime cose che ho iniziato a cucinare in casa con regolarità partendo dagli ingredienti di base, è stata probabilmente la granola. Spesso non ero soddisfatta con le opzioni che trovavo nei negozi, così ho iniziato a sperimentare varie combinazioni e gusti preparati seguendo le mie preferenze. Fare laContinue reading “Granola all’arancia”

Panzanella (bread and tomato salad)

(read in Italian) I really love those recipes in which you can use stuff like stale bread, or overripe bananas, or the leftovers from making your own nut drink – it’s not just a brilliant way to get more creative while cooking but, obviously, it’s also good to reduce the waste. The recipe that youContinue reading “Panzanella (bread and tomato salad)”

How to start taking a good care of your gut

(read in Italian) There are plenty of studies that underline the importance of a healthy gut to support our health and well-being from a general point of view. Keep a few things in mind: embrace a healthy lifestyle rich in fibre, fruit, and vegetables, together with a variety of foods to get all the nutrientsContinue reading “How to start taking a good care of your gut”

Almond, Pecan and Pumpkin Seed Butter

How many times have you planned to start a diet next Monday, next January, next week? And, honestly, how many times did you give up before starting or just after a few days? What if today you decide to stop looking for a quick fix or trying to follow the latest trendy diet… and you simplyContinue reading “Almond, Pecan and Pumpkin Seed Butter”

Whole grain scones and Raw Raspberry Chia Jam

Before moving to Ireland, I never had a scone before… but they are such a lovely idea for breakfast or brunch that after trying them a couple of times, I ended up experimenting at home with several combinations. I always use whole grain flour as a base, but all the other ingredients are different everyContinue reading “Whole grain scones and Raw Raspberry Chia Jam”