Soft pumpkin focaccia

Delicious even when eaten on its own, this soft vegan pumpkin focaccia has a sweet finish and a pillowy texture, that may help this preparation to easily become one of your favourite recipes!

Homemade cocoa tagliatelle

Fresh pasta is a labour of love and great pasta needs practice: these homemade cocoa tagliatelle are a wonderful way to step up your pasta game pairing a very basic shape with cocoa powder and its characteristic flavours and colour. Delicious when served with melted cheese and spices, this fresh pasta with cocoa will definitely surprise you with its special taste.

How to make soft brioche burger buns

If you love a burger wrapped in a soft pillowy brioche-style bun, here you can finally learn how to make this kind of bread at home and, at the same time, you’ll get some proper insights on the reasons why each ingredient plays a key role in this simple recipe!

My famous seitan ragù (vegan)

(read in Italian) This vegan ragù is the ultimate comfort food and it will easily become one of your favourite plant-based pasta sauces: it only requires a few simple ingredients along with seitan and it’s even better the day after (not just in my opinion… that’s chemistry, folks!). Ragù (or “ragù alla Bolognese”) is aContinue reading “My famous seitan ragù (vegan)”

The ultimate Summer sandwich

This vegetarian sandwich has a lovely combination of characteristic Summer flavours and it gets all the extra points for being super easy to make! You can also easily adapt this sandwich to your needs using, for example, some gluten-free bread or a dairy-free mozzarella.

Burger vegetariani ai ceci con halloumi e pesche

Burger vegetariani fatti in casa ai ceci abbinati ad halloumi, pesche, coriandolo e burro di frutta secca per creare una combinazione di diversi sapori e consistenze perfettamente bilanciata. Facilmente adattabile per un’alimentazione senza glutine.

Chickpea veggie burgers with fried halloumi and peaches

Homemade chickpea veggie burgers paired with halloumi, peaches, coriander, and nut butter to create a wonderfully balanced combination of different consistencies and flavours. Easy to adapt to a gluten-free diet.

Pasta con fagioli, pomodori, e formaggio

Un’ottimo sugo cremoso per la pasta fatto con fagioli rossi, pomodori passati in padella e formaggio stagionato. Ricetta vegetariana semplicissima da preparare e facile da adattare in versione senza glutine.

Pasta with beans, tomatoes, and a simple cheese sauce

Delicious and simple sauce for pasta made with red kidney beans, sautéed tomatoes, and aged cheese. Easy to make, vegetarian and easy to adapt for a gluten-free diet.

Gnocchi di pane (bread gnocchi) with mint

Gnocchi di pane with mint (bread gnocchi). Easy to make and delicious. Great way to use stale bread and reduce food waste.