Easy tuna burgers recipe

These homemade tuna burgers are delicious and super easy to make: with their unique texture, they pair really well with a soft bun and other spicy or crunchy bits to create a tasty burger experience that will conquer everyone at your dinner table! Plus you will only need 6 ingredients to make them (spices included!).

Homemade chocolate bark with nuts and toasted bread

Making a homemade chocolate bark has never been easier! All you need for this recipe is some good quality dark chocolate and a few delicious selected toppings: in a matter of minutes, you’ll make an upgraded version of a classic chocolate bar bursting with flavour and with that bit of crunchiness that is always a winning choice.

The ultimate Summer sandwich

This vegetarian sandwich has a lovely combination of characteristic Summer flavours and it gets all the extra points for being super easy to make! You can also easily adapt this sandwich to your needs using, for example, some gluten-free bread or a dairy-free mozzarella.

Insalata di patate, fragole e ceci con condimento a base di frutta secca

Insalata con patate, fragole, ceci ed un condimento a base di frutta secca: semplice e veloce da preparare. Quest’insalata naturalmente senza glutine e vegana è un’ottima idea estiva per assicurarsi di avere varietà e nutrienti nel piatto senza passare troppo tempo in cucina!

Potato, strawberry, and chickpea salad with the easiest nut butter dressing

A colourful salad with potatoes, chickpeas, and strawberries paired with my go-to nut butter dressing. Easy to make, naturally gluten-free, and plant-based. Perfect idea for Summer.

Burger vegani con lenticchie e rape rosse

Burger vegani alla rapa rossa e lenticchie: una ricetta semplice e facile da preparare. Fatti con lenticchie, rape, avena e spezie. Ottimi serviti all’interno di un panino morbido con una salsa speziata.

Banana bread granola

Banana bread granola. Simple plant-based recipe made with only a few ingredients (oats, bananas, pecans, dark chocolate, olive oil, and spices). Perfect for breakfast or as a snack on the go.

How to master the art of French Toast: recipe and tips

My recipe and tips to help you master the art of French toast

How to make the best homemade hummus

Learn how to make hummus and my best tips to get it perfectly smooth and creamy